Jodi Deming, RDH

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Restoration to Preservation: A Collaborative Approach

It is more important than ever for the dental team to understand the scientific principals related to polishing and the use of abrasive agents. This knowledge applies to the finishing of restorative dentistry and to maintenance in the hygiene appointment. The demand by patients for esthetics and the evolution of porcelain and composite restorations has now created a greater responsibility for the collaboration of the dentist and hygienist. From the time of restoration, the decisions at the very first hygiene visit will impact the preservation of any given restorative material. That same understanding is required when considering our patients with root exposure and implants.

It remains the dental teams responsibility to achieve and maintain periodontal tissues. This knowledge of how to effectively, efficiently and safely remove biofilm will maintain the aesthetics and support enduring treatment success for our patients. It’s a Team Effort – this information is relevant for the entire dental team.

Innovations to Conquer Biofilm

Join us for the current science behind biofilm management to achieve and maintain periodontal health and preserve the longevity of restorative and implant dentistry.

Learn about the new disease model – beyond the red complex. Understanding the behavior of biofilms and microbiome provides us the knowledge to reframe how we treat disease. Review the safety and efficacy of current techniques with compelling evidenced-based rationale to consider implementation of supra and subgingival air polishing into your clinical protocols.   

In this session, you will have the opportunity to interact with the latest technology and be encouraged to make evidence-based decisions on your approach to treatment protocols.

Speaker Bio:

Jodi started practice as a dental hygienist in 1988. In the early 1990’s frustrated with the understanding of the etiology of periodontal disease, she became involved with biofilm research. At that time the term was rarely used in dentistry except in the context of dental unit waterlines. As a clinical research associate Jodi was involved with biofilm growth and therapeutic product development evaluating the effect on dental biofilms. With this understanding biofilms, she developed a passion about non-surgical therapy, root morphology, and the results of thorough periodontal debridement.

Jodi has worked 28 years mastering non-surgical periodontal therapy techniques and procedures. She currently works in both periodontic and prosthodontic practices. Jodi is a national and international educator, clinician, and lecturer, having presented over a 150 lectures and workshops on advanced integration of ultrasonic and hand instrumentation. She is nationally recognized as an expert in endoscope and ultrasonic instrumentation. Jodi has served as adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California, School of Dentistry Department of Dental Hygiene and at Spear Education. She is a Friends of Hu-Friedy Thought Leader; valued for her involvement with biofilm research, instrument development and training.

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