Keisha Kemmet, DA, FAADOM

Course Overview and Speaker Bio


Problem Solving for the Proactive Dental Assistant

What do you do when you don’t see eye to eye with a teammate? What about the Doctor? Do you quit, lash out, give them the cold shoulder….the list goes on and on. What about when a patient is upset? Do you pass it along to the doctor or another team member? 

In this interactive course you will be armed with the knowledge needed for effective problem solving and given the opportunity to learn how to utilize these problem solving skills, giving you the ability to problem solve at work, home, on a plane, on a train, anywhere!
This course will equip you with wisdom, how to learn from mistakes (lessons learned), and add a little pizzazz into your professional life in the practice! As a Dental Assistant, Office Manager, and Dental Spouse, I have a unique perspective and passion for dentistry that I can’t wait to share with each of you!  I fully believe that life will be everything you want it to be, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have challenges or troubles. So let’s talk about the tough stuff and start to live a life where going to work isn’t a job, it’s a pleasure! “You won’t want to miss this one”

Speaker Bio: 

Keisha Kemmet, DA, FAADOM has been in the dental field for 9 years. Her dental career began as a clinical assistant for Spear Education, where she worked in clinical setting of continuing education for dentists. It was here where she learned just how much she loves dentistry! In 2013 she followed her love of dentistry, or rather a dentist, and moved to the beautiful city of Minot, ND where she was given the challenge to master the administrative side of the practice. Since that time Keisha has spent over 500 hours on CE, and learning as much as possible in administration, clinical dentistry, and leadership. She works closely with some of the world’s leading experts in Dentistry, and has a passion and energy in the field of dentistry that has yet to be matched! Keisha takes every opportunity to share her God given talents, and help others to find their own ways and strengths to become more productive than they ever imagined! 

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