Kelley Johnson

Course Overview and Speaker Bio

Eaglesoft…Dental Insurance Processing and Version 20.00 New Features

This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge needed to enter, process, and follow up on dental insurance claims using our Eaglesoft Practice Management Software. Everyone has a difference comfort level when working with dental insurance so this course will be a great way to get you up to speed and help you feel empowered to complete this task with ease.

I will also be showing you how the new features in our latest version of Eaglesoft and we go through some patient workflows in Eaglesoft with examples you can take back into your office and use on a daily basis.

Speaker Bio:


Originally from the Fargo area, Kelley is an advisor with expertise and deep experience working with Eaglesoft and other Patterson Dental technology modules. As a Patterson Technology Advisor, Kelley assists dental practices through transformation, strategy, and implementation using technology as the pivot point.  Kelley's background working in a dental offices for several years has taught her effective and proven methods to carry the patient’s experience to the next level. With more than 21 years of experience in business technology and practice efficiency, Kelley is able to provide positive solutions for process enhancement, innovation, business intelligence, and patient care best practices. Practice Management software and digital solutions are just a few of the exciting products we offer. Kelley is looking forward to discussing with you how we can best implement our solutions into your dental practice.

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